Theatre of Dreams Part 2

We talked for quite a while about where we were from. She told me she was married with two children – and that her daughter was in the dance troupe – but was too old to take part in our show. She told me that she loved her husband and her family and that when she was younger she had shagged around a lot and had always enjoyed sex in exciting places – but that things had tailed off with her husband now – and it was all a bit routine.

I asked her where her most exciting sex had been – and she said she had once been in a restaurant, gone to the loo and taken her under wear off – come back and lifted her skirt to the waist under the table so that her husband could finger her until she came. She had also undone her blouse and by leaning forward had managed to get her hands on to her naked breasts and touched herself up whilst other people were all around. 

I asked her if anyone had noticed – and she said that she thought another couple on a near by table had cottoned on and whilst watching had started doing something similar themselves.

This talk was beginning to get me going again and my cock was beginning to firm up in response to her talk – and the play of her fingers. I meanwhile had got my hand back down to her pussy – and was gently fingering her clit – and sliding gently between her lips and back again – smearing her juices into the folds of her pussy. She shifted to let me further in. Her eyes began to close as she felt my fingers filling her up a little more – and her stroking of my cock altered to a firmer grip as it grew in her hand and she began wanking it gently up and down – occasionally slipping her thumb across its head and picking up some of my next load of precum as I began to respond.

After a few very pleasant moments of this – she said – “Let me be a real tart now !”

I didn’t know what she meant – but she stood up – and still wearing her heels – walked over to one of the dressing tables and picked up a stage makeup lipstick. She then leant over at the dressing table – and pointing her arse and wet fanny at me – started to paint her lips in the brightest red. Having given herself the best “Marilyn Monroe” lips – and admired her workmanship - she turned and walked back to me with a sexy wiggle.

“Nothing like big sexy red lips for a good sucking off !” she said -and kneeling down in front of me – made a big exaggerated“O” with her mouth – and then – looking me firmly in the eye slowly lowered her head to my now re-stiffened dick.

Now I don’t know what it is about the colour red and lipstick and sex – but the sensation of watching those crimson lips close around my bell seemed to double the impact. Beverley firmly clamped her lips about my tip – and then by pushing her head down firmly – forced them open with my cock. A deep hum of approval cam from her as my glans disappeared behind that crimson curtain for the first time.

She looked up at me as I watched the waxy redness of her lips enclose my dick and gradually ride down it. Out of sight inside her mouth her tongue slowly flipped and licked around my whole cock head lashing it hot and wet until it passed further inside – her lips travelling slowly but inexorably down my shaft until my tip touched her throat. My cock started twitching uncontrollably as she now started to withdraw it from her mouth with the same excruciating slowness. As the skin of my cock dragged on those fantastic painted lips it too was smeared with the lipstick. Beverley broke her gaze from eyes and looked at it as it passed into view from out of her mouth.

“What do you think of that ?” she asked as she released me.

“Oh God ! Do it again !” I said.

“More lipstick ? “ She asked ?

“Oh Yes !” I pleaded.

So she took the stick and again applied a liberal, whore’s dose of bright crimson to her mouth. Accentuating the action as she looked in the mirror across the room and played it all around her mouth. Then she returned to my crotch – being careful to ensure I could see every movement as she watched my eyes. Again my cock slowly disappeared behind her lips – but this time – rather than going so deep – she played them up and down and over my glans. I was going wild with pleasure as her wet lips enclosed and circled every part of my head.

I couldn’t hold open my eyes – but didn’t want to shut them either – as one of the horniest things I had ever seen was happening to me right in front of my eyes. Her blonde head bobbed as she speeded up her actions – and my cock twitched and bucked in and out of her mouth smeared with my precum, the wet of her mouth and the redness of the makeup. My cock was now bright red and glistening – and almost unfamiliar to me.

Suddenly Beverley stopped and said – “You do me now !!” 

At first I thought she wanted me to go down between her legs and lick her pussy – which I would so happily have done – but she stood up – settledback with her legs wide open on the edge of the arm of the settee, looked into the mirror – and handed me the stick of stage lipstick.

“Do my nipples” she said softly.

It took me a moment but then I realised what she wanted. I took the lipstick and put it to her right teat. 

As I started to apply the bright red makeup her firm nipple dodged around the end of the stick – but as she intently watched my actions and felt the way the tip pushed against her tit – it stiffened to a hardness that allowed me to circle it completely and then carry on round onto the area of the aureloae. My artwork was enthralling as I felt the firmness and give of her breasts as I went round and round – with the lipstick - exaggerating her aureolae by half as much again and exciting the nipple to an extended, suckable peak.

And then to the left breast – painting its beautiful tip to match the other in roundness, redness, stiffness and perfection.

All the time I had been working, Beverley had been looking down at how I handled her. She had at times cupped her breast to lift them up to me to but had repeatedly thrown back her head in a great gasp – as I smeared one sensitive sex-nerve end or another.

Content with my work, and with a cock that was so hard glistening and red that it hurt – I moved away from her and on to my knees so that she could see my handiwork.

Her eyes were so dilated with lust – that I could hardly see any colour in them. The moment was so sexually intense that I have never experienced the like before or since. She gazed open mouthed at her enhanced breasts. The nipples enlarged and crimson red. The veins showed blue in the skin where her arousal had swelled the whole breast. She was gasping and whispering“Fucking whore ! Fucking Whore !” Time and time again.

She gently rocked her buttocks on the arm of the settee – causing her breasts to shake a little. I could tell she was desperately limiting her movement to postpone the enormous orgasm that was building. She cupped her tits and lifted them up and towards the mirror admiring her nakedness, her enhanced sexual stimulation and her sheer brazennessShe stood up and her thumbs began circling the nipples and smearing the lipstick into their tips. Her movements began to speed up. She began gripping her breasts and squeezing the nipples forward in painful looking swellings – “Oh God ! She said “Oh God” –as her hips began to circle and girate in time with her grasping of her tit flesh. Without touching herself – she was grinding her pussy lips together in front of my eyes. Her eyes glued on her reflection in the dressing room mirrors.

She turned to look at herself in other mirrors – gasping and gripping her tits more tightly each time she got a new view of herself. She moved back a step or two to the arm of the settee again – probably unable to keep her balance any longer.

As she sat back and opened her legs for balance, her pussy gaped in front of my eyes. Without thinking – I took the lipstick and reached up between her legs. She jumped and squealed as she felt me touch her gaping, shaven sex lipswith the tip of the stick and immediately looked down. She realised what I was going to do. She pulled her breasts apart – still forcing the nipples forward with each hand and gazed open mouthed as I traced her pussy lips all around with the makeup stick. The crimson of her nipples and mouth were now matched by heavy rouge encircling her sex – smeared with her juices – but now defining a larger sexual cavern that gaped in front of both of us.

She was already coming before I had clambered up from my knees and was ramming my cock into her.

Her hands flew from her tits and wrapped around my arse as I rammed and rammed her sex. I swear I could have got my balls inside her as well had I known how. She gaped and gushed – her juices smeared my thighs almost to my knees as I almost splashed around inside her. She came and came and came as I pumped myself inside her – replastering her insides with my semen. It was uncontrollable for both of us. My young body just didn’t want the heightened sensations to stop so I ground on and on. She had laid herself open for rampant sex – had painted her body to accentuate each of her erogenous areas – and had received a youths energetic shagging for her efforts. 

It was too good to end. We ground into each other for what seemed forever. But all too soon it did come to a close. The energy sapped, the flesh retreated and we sank into virtual unconsciousness. Wow oh wow oh wow !

I wish I could say the ending and completion of the episode was equally remarkable. But as with all things – it was all rather mundane. Scrabbling round for clothes, tidying the room – rather embarrassed “Thank You’s” and scuttling out of the room to avoid being seen.

We didn’t do it again – although we shared a passionate stolen kiss on the last night I had in the town.

Fantastic memories and no regrets. Except one – I really do feel sorry for the poor sod of an actor whose lipstick smelt very odd that evening !!!!

Hope you liked it !!

Davey Boy
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